Age Range: 15 Months - 2 1/2 Years

Now that they’re mobile, Toddlers are nothing but movement and curiosity. Shuffling around on shaky legs, they are bold but still seek safety and security. More vocal, but not yet able to make us understand what they are thinking, they need to be listened to and feel like they are included, a part of things. But most of all, they need to be loved and listened to.

At Camden Academy, we provide a spacious, clean environment of creativity and safety for these formative years, transitioning the children smoothly through the ups and downs of Toddlerhood.

Toddler 1 Features:

15 Months - 2 Years


  • Introduction to all colors
  • Using fingers to count
  • Basic matching skills
  • Basic animal noises
  • Point to friends when their names are called
  • Point to a picture the matches the weather outside
  • Understand routine and what comes next


  • Lining up
  • Cleaning up toys on their own
  • Sitting for circle time for at least a 10 minute period
  • Understanding and cooperating during Art Time

"Big Kid"

  • Master using both utensils (spoon/fork) and "big kid" cups (transition away from sippy cups)
  • Introduction of potty to ready one-year olds

At Camden Academy, your child will be exposed to several different teachers, rooms and experiences every day.

Toddler 2 Features:

2 - 2 1/2 Years


  • Recognize colors and know their color names
  • Recognize shapes by their outline
  • Count up to 15 and begin to recognize numbers
  • Sing their ABC's and begin to recognize them by letter
  • Become familiar with days of the week
  • Learn weather as well as temperatures and seasons


  • Begin to build social and emotional skills

"Big Kid"

  • Begin to work on self-help skills such as putting on our own. shoes, and washing our own hands
  • Continue building our gross and fine motor skills