Through consistent praise and encouragement, your child's enthusiasm for learning blossoms at Camden Academy.

Our staff and curriculum prepare our pre-k students for a smooth transition to kindergarten by building the framework for academic learning, improved social interaction skills, self-esteem, and the knowledge of the importance of character.

At Camden Academy, your child will receive age- appropriate learning through a variety of proven programs, methods and tools.

Pre-K Features:

Your four-year-old's curiosity will be greeted and supported daily through strong lesson plans that include:

Learning Fundamentals

  • Literature  - opens the door to imagination, and discovery
  • Language Arts - From stories to crazy songs language is reviewed daily throughout the day using methods from the fun and quirky to actual table top work
  • Pre-writing Skills - mazes, dots to dots, word searches that will increase your child’s skills and confidence and prepare them to further expand writing skills
  • Pre-reading Development - connecting sounds to words through phoneme, and phonic awareness
  • Math Concepts - implemented throughout your child’s day by exploring classifying, comparing, balancing, weighing, measuring, and sorting.
  • Science - improving understanding of the world, and nature through hands on activities, experiments, and field trips.
  • Social Studies - Exploration of our own community as well as music, food, dress, and art of different cultures.
  • Computer Lab - further developing computer skills through educational games that will make learning fun and easy.

Creative Arts

  • Art - self expression using a variety of mediums
  • Music - better appreciation through exploration of music around the world
  • Culinary Arts - cultivating a taste for something other than chicken fingers is easier when cooking is a process children are involved in from recipe choice and preparation to the final dish.

Coordination & Physical Fitness

  • P.E. team sports aides in development of character, and self-esteem.
  • Outdoor Play: Daily outdoor play on equipment that promotes running, jumping, climbing, sliding, and balancing as well as an exciting water park on the premises.