The baby brain is an incredible learning machine.

Research has shown that childhood experiences shape the developing brain, and that an emotionally supportive environment is critical at a very early age.

At Camden Academy, we realize what an important task you are entrusting to us every day, and every day we strive to give your child the experiences, the stimulation, the positive reinforcement and the drama-free environment that fosters social, educational and emotional growth.

We believe that by changing the environment and the content, your child will learn more and learn faster, regardless of age.

Infants 1 & 2 Features:

  • A quiet, stress-free environment, complete with baby yoga and baby massage.
  • Stroller Strides throughout the building and outside to give children opportunity to "get out" and explore.
  • Lesson plans that encourage play using music, movement, sensory and fine and gross motor skills.
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    Art activities that do not focus on the ending product but the exploration of cause and effect. “What happens when I touch this paint brush to this paper?”
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    Social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language development all addressed through a variety of learning activities and tools.
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    Transitions to the older room based on development, NOT just age.
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    Babies Can Read (Infant 2) introducing sign language and pictures to help build word-image association skills.

Goals for Infants

  • 4 Months + 
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    Baby can hold onto a toy
  • 5 Mont​hs +
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    Baby can hold their own bottle
  • 4 to 7 Months
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    Baby can sit up independently
  • 6 to 9 Months
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    Baby can crawl (with assistance)

Updates for Parents

  • Take home assessments on your child's development twice a year
  • Tadpoles pictures throughout the day and an end-of-day report