Extracurricular Activities

Kids participating in our Extracurricular Activities program come home happy and loaded with new stuff to tell you every day!

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Meet Our Extracurricular Teachers

Meet Our Culinary, World Travels, and World Language Teacher!

With years of experience working with children, Coach Dan is a fan favorite with our little ones at Camden Academy. He received a degree in Physical Education from Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, New York and before coming to Camden Academy Coach Dan worked in the special needs department at Otwell Middle School. He enjoys teaching our students the fundamentals of health and nutrition as well as implementing his own personal knowledge of world language and world geography. Teaching Culinary arts was simply a bonus to Coach Dan because of his love for a healthy eating.

Coach Dan

Ms. Laurin

Meet our Dance Teacher!

Ms. Laurin was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. After receiving a BFA in Dance Performance at Brenau University she went on to perform for Walt Disney World and several different professional dance companies. She has guest performed with Cirque du Soleil, Weird Al Yankovic and North Point Community Church promo message videos to name a few. The past several years Laurin has been a Teaching-Artist for the Alliance Theater's programing where she integrates school curriculum with dance. Recently she was the project manager for the K-12 Dance Standard revisions for the State of Georgia's Education Department. You can also find her at the Holly Theater in Dahlonega, Ga performing, choreographing and in many schools and studios around the North Atlanta area. She has technical training in ballet, modern, jazz and tap.

Meet our Music Teacher!

Ms. Courtney developed a love for music as a young child and over the years it has become one of her biggest passions, as a student, a performer and a teacher. Music is wonderful in every aspect. Ms. Courtney has had the pleasure to share and teach music to students as young as 4 and as old as 16.  She has also had the joy of performing with the University of North Georgia playing the piano, viola, and as a singer in the choir. Ms. Courtney believes music is a language understood around the world, that helps bring people together.

 Her goal is to share with her students how amazing and exciting music can be and how it can lead us to places and be able to connect with those around us. Ms. Courtney is overjoyed to now be able to share her knowledge and experience and become part of the Camden Academy family!

Ms. Courtney

Culinary Arts Mondays:

Cooking is fascinating to children.

They love the process of adding, stirring and blending ingredients together to see something unique develop – something special they have created. At Camden Academy, Culinary Arts is an extracurricular with a fresh, innovative approach for nourishing a child’s mind, body and spirit. Our creative school curriculum and healthy cooking program gives children the opportunity to have first-hand experience with nourishing food.

Our Culinary Arts program also gives students the hands-on classroom experience needed to learn how important healthy eating and cooking is for their lifelong well-being.

Musical Enrichment Tuesdays:

At Camden Academy, we believe that music is one of the most important keys to learning!

The structure of a musical background is an important building block that can be very influential to a child’s development.

Our music program is dedicated in laying a solid musical foundation for young children, and providing the necessary tools to allow preschool children, ages 1 year through 5 years, to build that foundation one step, one "note," at a time.

World Travel Wednesdays:

The world is a big, complex and confusing place for adults, so imagine what it must seem like from a child's point of view.

Countries and climates, languages and latitudes, time zones and traditions… they, and more, come into play in our World Travels program, where teachers engage students with fun activities and help children explore the world around them.

We introduce different languages, along with different cultures, tastes test different food, and even see a variety of artifacts!

DANCE Thursdays:

Camden Academy has a non-competitive gymnastics program for children ages two to school age, designed to offer children a safe environment where they can progress at their own pace.

Each class is age appropriate, so every child feels successful. Our overall goal is to improve self-esteem and self-confidence through exercise.

WoRLD Language Fridays:

As the children come into the Camden Academy gymnasium on Fridays, they are introduced to focal point art where teachers prepare a painting to be used as the main focus for the child's lesson.

The children are then encouraged to create their own rendition of what they see on the overhead easel, to create their own styles and point of view. This class teaches creativity and self-expression.

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