Every morning, a child’s day is a clean slate. At Camden Academy, our mission is to fill that day with experiences that promote growth, learning and well-being. A child’s developmental tasks are to build trust, recognize and learn social skills, and begin the mastery of academic skills… and by doing all that, develop positive self-esteem.

To accomplish these and other goals, we engage every child in a variety of activities every day. Within the walls of our building are several learning centers for infants through after-schoolers that provide the environment to stimulate, educate and motivate. In a warm, caring atmosphere filled with warm, caring staff, your child will thrive and grow, learn and laugh, socialize all day long and come home a happy kid.

At Camden Academy, we focus all our efforts on “The Total Child”, exposing our children to the many facets of life through age-appropriate programs that move them around throughout the day. In this way they experience different teachers, varied social situations and numerous learning opportunities in a single day.

Put it all together and you get:

Early Learning Excellence

Upcoming Events:

September Events 2017

Parents and Students

We are a month in now and everyone is adjusting well to their new schedules and routines. This month is an exciting time for the students. We are learning about orchards, farms and barns and we celebrate our wonderful grandparents with our annual Grandparent’s Day Breakfast. Next month is Community Helpers and Transportation and we look forward to all the exciting visits from all of our community volunteers.

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Summer Camp coming soon!