Every morning, a child’s day is a clean slate.
At Camden Academy, our mission is to fill that day with experiences that promote growth, learning and well-being.

Early Learning Excellence

We focus all our efforts on "The Total Child," exposing our children to the many facets of life through age-appropriate programs that move them around throughout the day.
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At Camden Academy, your child will receive age-appropriate learning through a variety of proven programs, methods and tools.
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Horsin' Around At Camden Academy

Horsin' Around At Camden Academy

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Camden Academy is a 15,000 square foot building filled with something different around every corner. We're proud of our school, and we know your child will agree that his or her home-away-from-home is a special place.
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The Camden Computer Room has three computers for use by older kids and after schoolers to learn and improve their computer skills and do homework.
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Kids participating in our Extracurricular Activities program come home happy and loaded with new stuff to tell you every day!
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Parent Testimonials


I feel completely guilt-free

The best thing is that I feel completely guilt-free about leaving Sydney (18 mos) at Camden Academy every day, a feeling I never experienced with her older siblings. Sydney's wonderful teacher is her second mother and Camden is her second home.

April , Parent

Feel of a Private Preschool

At first glance we chose Camden academy for the quality and feel of a private preschool. It quickly proved not only to provide excellent academics and extra- curriculars but the warm environment became an extension of our home

Katie , Parent

I'm sorry I waited so long to change to Camden

I'm sorry I waited so long to change to Camden, but it was scary to move Samantha (3 yrs) from the center where she had been since she was 2 ½ months old. The transition was painless and now, she just loves her new friends and new teachers and she’s learning soooo much.

Bethany , Parent

He doesn't want to leave!

Cayden cried occasionally when I dropped him off at his old school, but now he cries when I pick him up at Camden. He doesn't want to leave! Cayden (18 mos) is so happy now, which makes leaving him to go off to work easier for me.

Bethany , Parent

Their homework is almost always done...

Their homework is almost always done when my three sons come home from Camden's after-school program. That has NEVER happened before. Thank you "Coach" Leland, for the time we’re able to spend together at night.

Nancy , Camden Academy Parent

Potty Training Boot Camp

Camden's "Potty Training Boot Camp" did in one week what I couldn’t do in three months. John-Hartley ( 3 yrs) loves school now, and is actually sleeping much better at night after his full day. I can't say enough about how tuned-in to my child and his needs the staff at Camden is.

Jody , Parent

Great teachers and staff at Camden Academy

After staying with their grandparents from the time they were babies, we didn't know how our girls would respond to "school." Thanks to the great teachers and staff at Camden Academy, they have adjusted well and are doing great! They love their teachers and have learned so much in just a few months...it has been amazing!!!

Becky , Parent

Reece learned more in her first two months at Camden Academy

Reece learned more in her first two months at Camden Academy than she did in two years at her former child-care center. A few days after starting, Reece (3 yrs) was reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. She loves it.

Tina , Camden Academy Parent

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